Answers to Your Common Business Questions

Here are answers to some of the business planning questions that we get most frequently.

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1. Does Women’s Enterprise Centre have a grant program?
2. What do you think of my business idea?
3. Why do I need a business plan?
4. What are the major parts of a business plan?
5. What is the difference between primary and secondary market research?
6. How do I do a survey to get information about my market?
7. How do I figure out how much money I'm going to make?
8. Do you think I should incorporate?
9. How do I register my business name?
10. I've invented / written something that I want to secure. How do I get information on patents/copyrights/trademarks?
11. I am looking for a networking group in my area. Do you have recommendations or contact information?

Cheryl Farmer, WEC Business Advisor

Cheryl Farmer
Business Advisor