Women and Tech

No matter the type of business you’re in – whether it’s investing in tech, creating tech or anything in between – you’ll need fundamental business skills, operations and networks to make it fly.

At WEC, we’re here to help you with the business side of your venture. We can support you with complimentary business advisory services and resources to develop your cash flow projections, growth plan and more, plus skills training and mentoring.

If you have any questions, contact us or call us at 1.800.643.7014 ext. 112.

Accessing Financing

We can help you navigate the financing continuum so you can pursue the correct type of financing for your business type and stage.

Women’s Enterprise Centre offers only term loans, so a business loan from WEC may not be the best option for funding your tech business. As well, our financing program requires your business to be already generating revenue from sales.

Learn more about the financing continuum below and get in touch with us once your business has revenue from multiple customers.

Figure of the financing continuum

A company’s fundraising efforts depend on the type of product or service on offer and how long the development cycle is.

Figure of a typical financing path for a tech company

Sources of funding for tech businesses

Below are some organizations that provide funding or tax incentives to technology companies. Be sure to click through both tabs.

Sources of female-focused fundingOther sources of funding
  • BDC Capital Women in Technology (WIT) Fund: One of the world’s largest venture capital funds dedicated to investing in women-led technology companies. It will invest $200 million over the next five years to help bridge the gender gap in technology and investment companies.
  • Beehive Holdings: An angel fund focused primarily in seed to Series A investing with a sweet spot to support diversified teams. The companies they invest in address challenges and opportunities associated with products and services that are mostly used by women.
  • Disruption Ventures: Invests in businesses that solve real problems, with teams that are committed to succeed, in markets that have high growth potential and in companies that have a female founder or females in leadership roles.
  • Female Funders: Empowers thousands of women to become the angel investors of tomorrow through blended education, investment opportunities, and a global community.
  • Pique Ventures: An impact investment and management company that enables a diverse investor community to pursue integrated investing. They manage Pique Fund, an inclusive angel fund focused on women-led technology ventures.
  • SheEO: A global community of women radically transforming female innovators are financed, supported, and celebrated.
  • StandUp Ventures: Invests in seed-stage technology companies with at least one woman in a C-level leadership position within the company and an equitable amount of ownership.
  • BC Innovator Skills Initiative (ISI) Grant: Find out if you qualify for up to $10,000 a year to hire a student for a business or tech role.
  • FrontFundr: An online investment platform that bridges the gap between investors and growth companies.
  • National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP): Provides advice, connections, and funding to help Canadian small and medium-sized businesses increase their innovation capacity and take ideas to market.
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program: Tax incentives provided by the Government of Canada to encourage Canadian companies of all sizes and in all industry sectors to conduct scientific research and experimental development.
  • Tech Co-op Grant: Offered by Innovate BC, this grant provides up to $10,800 per year in funding to hire co-op students.
  • VANTEC Angel Network: A group of angel investors who support promising BC-based entrepreneurs in technology ventures with angel investment, advice and connections. They host monthly angel investment meetings where 8-12 early stage companies present their business and investment opportunity to an audience of angel investors, and are are often the first investor community where startups pitch.

Accessing Support from the Tech Ecosystem

While we’re not focused on supporting women in tech specifically, we have built relationships with tech-focused organizations around the province, which specialize in funding and developing women-led tech ventures. Check out this directory below to connect with the right network. Be sure to click through both tabs.

Networking and Professional Development OrganizationsAccelerators and incubatorsOther
  • Innovate BC: A one-stop service centre to connect innovators — large and small — with BC government funding, tools, resources and support.
  • Spring Activator: Empowers social impact leaders with the know-how, network and support needed to build a better business.
  • Online Market Validation Training Program: This is a free, self-guided online program, open to anyone in BC with a tech or small business idea. It uses multimedia learning modules, videos, and venture-building assignments to help you validate your market and assess your business idea.

Upcoming Tech-Focused Events & Workshops

Below are upcoming events for female founders.

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