Learn How to Use Social Media for Your Business

You’re already engaged 24/7 in your business. You may feel like you don’t have the time, staff, knowledge or skill set for social media success. Social networking becomes low priority and you’re left to wonder: am I missing out on an opportunity to connect with my customers?

The fact is many entrepreneurs remain puzzled about how to use social networks to interact with their customers.

We understand your struggle, and we can help you turn the social conversation into marketing success!

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Free Social Media Handbook for Businesses

Click here to download the Social Media HandbookJust getting started or want some quick tips?

This guide book can help you:

  • create a social media strategy for success
  • create and complete your profile on Facebook and Twitter
  • engage customers on Facebook and Twitter
  • create a successful blog page
  • navigate social media Do’s and Don’ts

Download Our Free Social Media Handbook

Services: Unlock the Power of Social Media

We can teach you how to integrate social media into your marketing plan so you can build brand awareness, develop engaging marketing campaigns, and provide improved customer care.

Available Social Media Training Packages

If you’re a B2C client with an established web presence, we can help you move to the next level with your social media. For all of these packages, we can meet with you through free online mediums such Skype, FaceTime or a similar online channel at your request.

Get Started Package $195
Stay Connected Package $249
Facebook and Twitter Audit $99
Social Listening $149

ALSO Check Out Our Popular Webinar

Social Media: Love It or Hate It, But in Business—Use It!

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn WHY you need a social media strategy to grow your business and HOW to make social media accessible and manageable. You’ll learn tips and techniques at this session that will maximize the time you spend on social media and help you engage with your followers.

At the end of the session, you’ll start your 90-day challenge to get launched into social media!

Business owners: View our Training and Events Calendar to see if this workshop is being offered in your area.

Service providers: Partner with Women’s Enterprise Centre to bring this workshop to your clients. Learn more about Partnership Opportunities, or email our Skills Development Officer.

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