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Have you ever wanted to do something but missed out because you didn’t want to do it alone? How about the time you waited for your friend before walking into […]

You’ve probably heard mentoring can double your chances of staying in business, but did you know it can also change the way you think? Here are three things I learned […]

You’re considering establishing or buying an existing business in a town or region. Or you’re moved to a new town and want to start a business. Congratulations! What are smart […]

Self-improvement is impossible without self-awareness; it’s the starting point. Understanding your own needs, beliefs, desires, strengths, weaknesses – everything that makes you tick; everything that makes you unique is critical. […]

To have a top-notch mentorship relationship, it’s important to be a meeting rockstar. Luckily there’s a sea of tools out there to help you be the most efficient meeting planner […]

Great leaders practice self-actualization by continuing to improve themselves. Self-actualization enables leaders to bring creativity, innovation and an open mind into the workplace. In my last blog, What’s Your Score?, […]

What does being authentic really mean? In case you haven’t figured it out, success is an “inner game” and it’s not something that can be manipulated. Our authentic self is […]

You attended a conference and now what do you do? Follow up is the biggest key to success when attending conferences or networking events. All those business cards you collected […]

Emotions provide valuable information about how we understand the world around us; and people who know their own emotions and are good at reading others’ emotions are more effective in […]

In my career, I help people get unstuck. To see someone reach their highest and best self gives me goose bumps. So when I heard about EI and its benefits, […]