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People with a great idea for a business often turn to a business plan as a logical next step for getting from ‘idea’ to ‘open’. But a business plan isn’t […]

Trust is one of the cornerstones of building a profitable and sustainable business. Without trust there is no credibility, and without credibility there are no customers. Don’t underestimate the impact […]

These days it can be confusing for business owners to figure out how to maintain a competitive edge. I hear people talk about how they need to learn more about […]

Many people who go into business are both the biggest visionary and the biggest critic in their profession. They see the big picture, yet they do things to sabotage their […]

The holidays have just gone by, full of parties and events. Life speeds up and so do stress levels. You might not have time for the sleep you need and […]

Are you managing change in your business or are you Leading change? There is a difference. You can manage systems and processes, but you have to lead your key stakeholders. […]

As your work day begins, thoughts of productivity swirl with tasks to complete, projects to explore and people to contact. All good intentions until your eyes gaze down upon distractions […]

As a mentor and strategic advisor to many entrepreneurs, male and female, I’ve seen each grapple with common business growth issues: access to capital, knowledge/skills gaps and time management, but […]

Every entrepreneur understands that our mindset plays a large part when it comes to creating a successful venture and leaving a mark on the world. To find out what accomplished […]

Entrepreneurship is exhilarating! Entrepreneurs are confident, optimistic passionate and determined self-starters. Yet, working solo can be very challenging. Entrepreneurs, freshly picked or well-seasoned, can benefit from working with a mentor […]