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Your loan application has been denied – now what? Should you give up on your entrepreneurial dream or re-assess your strategy? As a Business Advisor, I’ve seen hundreds of loan applications. They can be denied for a variety of reasons, but there are some common mistakes applicants make. So if you’ve been denied a business […]

This is called a “cash flow problem”. It means that the cash coming into the business is out of sync with the cash going out. Poor financial management is the most common reason for business failure. It is probably more accurate to say business failure is largely due to poor cash management. This is partly […]

Depending on the stage your business is in, different types of financing are available. As your business moves along the lifecycle from start-up to a mature business, your risk to a lender or investor generally decreases and you have more options for financing. If you’re considering different sources of financing for your business, make sure […]

Love them or hate them…..KPI or Key Performance Indicators are a great way of assessing your business performance and creating a strong roadmap for your business growth. KPI’s are very important for analysing your business finances. Financial statements with KPI provide management with relevant, reliable and comparable information so owners-managers make informed decisions. I work […]

As a business owner you should look for the following four qualities when hiring an accountant: Is the accountant professionally designated? Why is it important? What is the accountant’s experience? What is the level of service you will get and need? What personality traits are you looking for or work well for you? Professional Designation […]

Business owners should ask the following questions when choosing accounting program:  Identify what you are looking for out of the software? Basic financial information or variety applications including customer relationship management.  The navigating ease through the program without the technical and experience of accounting. What accounting program is mostly used in your industry?Although software’s are […]

Financial statements are an integral part of business performance indicators. As owners are busy with the day to day operations; financial record keeping and performance reports are left for year-end with tax reporting. Financial statements provide management relevant, reliable and comparable information that will help owners/managers make informed economic decisions. Let’s begin with balance sheet; […]

Cash flow planning is an integral part of business sustainability. Much like the heart in our body, we can’t live without it. Cash flow is the heart of a business; we can’t stay in business without cash flow coming in regularly. What is cash flow planning? Let me begin by providing you with few helpful […]

I often get asked the question, “What are Lenders looking for when they lend you money?” The simple answer: “The key to every lending decision rests on the RISK involved.” As the risk increases, so will the terms and conditions of the loan. As the risk decreases, the lender can be more flexible. Each lender […]

Recently I heard a great tip about when to apply for a business loan from one of our service partners, who was presenting to a group of people considering self-employment: It’s easier to apply for financing either before you start your business, or after you’ve been operating for 3-4 years. Here are some reasons why. […]