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As the holiday season approaches, marketing to your existing customers is your #1 priority. Focusing on new customers needs to be secondary and only if your marketing budget allows for both. So what is one of the best approaches over the holiday season? Email marketing. That’s right, email marketing is not dead. In fact  it […]

Along with video training, I also lead a workshop on “How To Write And Deliver a 30 second Business Pitch That Will Knock The Socks Off Your Customer.” Here’s how it looks. I stand in front of a group of 25 women sitting in chairs and say, “Alright! One by one, please stand up and […]

I get this question a lot and the answer is always “it depends.” The best way to share any content, no matter what media type, is to keep the original source link with the content. It’s all about promoting someone else’s content and showing yourself or your brand as an expert curator on a topic, […]

Often, when women hear themselves on TV or Radio, they’re dismayed. “Does my voice really sound that high?” Yes– and no. Our own voice does sound deeper to us than what others hear, but the real culprit is something you can control. 1.Drop your shoulders– When we’re excited, nervous, or stressed, our vocal chords tighten, […]

Whether you’re pitching to a small group or delivering a presentation to a large audience, public speaking is an important business skill. While there are many steps to delivering an effective presentation, always begin with the fundamentals: Public Speaking A-B-Cs A. AUDIENCE – Who are you speaking to? When preparing a presentation, don’t concern yourself […]

One of the marketing strategies that saves you time and money is to build your team of marketing champions to do the selling for you. Champions are an educated, unpaid marketing force that screen potential prospects and introduce them to you. They will qualify the right prospects, and screen out those that won’t fit your […]

What makes you different and memorable? What makes people want to do business with you? Your hook is what will make you stand up and stand out from all the others. Your hook is all about: – Being memorable– Being valuable– Being unique What makes you unique? List the qualities that you feel encompass one […]

You truly enjoy your business! Your clients are happy and appreciate your commitment to quality of your products or service. Your website is up and running…yet for some reason, you aren’t attracting (and keeping) as many clients as you would like. Why? You may be missing one of these essential “B’s” in your business. “B” […]

We all know we need to connect but how do we connect with the ‘right’ people? You can have a great time at a networking but is it “thought”ful networking. Here are 5 tips to make the most of your networking experience. Make Realistic Goals: The best way to actually follow through with your goals […]

It’s not about what you know or who you know. If you want to grow your business, it’s all about who knows you. Your formula for success includes targeting markets that have means and a need for your solution, and educating them on the fact that you have a solution for the problem they are […]