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Writing a media pitch can be really easy. If you can write an email, you can write a media pitch and introduce a reporter or editor to you, your company, products or services. Before you start writing media pitch, ask yourself: What’s your company and what product or service do you offer? What makes your […]

Have you heard the term 2.0, or even 3.0? This number refers to a new version, or changes in the way something (originally the World Wide Web) is made and used. In terms of marketing, I would say that the power has shifted to consumers. As a result, I believe that more companies will be […]

My last blog Coffee is Good For Business! shared 3 benefits of scheduling coffee meetings each week. Here are 5 Points to keep your coffee meetings casual but controllable. Purpose – before you make that invite, determine why you want to have coffee with that person. Is it just to reconnect? Are they a potential […]

I’ve always made a point of scheduling a coffee ‘meeting’ at least twice a week. One is with someone new that I’ve just met and the other is usually a colleague that I haven’t seen for a while. I’ve made it part of my weekly routine and business plan. When I was working with my […]

Media & PR isn’t always a high priority, but if you’re looking to promote yourself then you need to start working on your strategy now. Don’t wait until you need some instant attention. So what can you do that’s manageable and inexpensive, but productive? Know your messageFirst make sure you take some time to be […]

Does your business serve a diverse community of customers? If so, you may be thinking about how to market to a specific group based on age, gender or culture. One thing to be fully aware of is that diversity marketing is not a quick fix to grow your customer base. It’s a long-term proposition with […]

My last blog On That Note . . . Part One shared the “Why’ handwritten notes are effective even in today’s digital world of communication. This blog will share 5 simple ways on “How” to use a handwritten note. 5 Simple Ways to Use Notes Thanks! If you really want to create an impression, send […]

I have often been asked what I do and when I respond with “I brand companies,” I am usually greeted with blank expressions or a look of confusion. So, now I respond with “I help to personify a product, service, or even entire company.” To understand why is this so important imagine a scenario where […]

In the fall of 2008, many business owners, large and small, experienced a shift in their business. That shift was a decline in revenues. For micro-business and small-business owners, there have been pros and cons since this roller coaster of economic change ebbed and flowed over the past four years. When a business is small, […]

The four most overlooked areas or tools of marketing are the following: Press releases Articles Speaking Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (just to name a few) What is a press release? A press release seeks to demonstrate to an editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a particular person, event, service or product. Press releases […]