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In the fall of 2008, many business owners, large and small, experienced a shift in their business. That shift was a decline in revenues. For micro-business and small-business owners, there […]

The four most overlooked areas or tools of marketing are the following: Press releases Articles Speaking Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (just to name a few) What is a […]

There are numerous benefits to using the email newsletter as a marketing tool. The foremost benefit is it allows a business to maintain contact with its customers, prospects and influencers […]


Your elevator pitch is like a living document. It’s a method of communication that should change and evolve as you and your business do. Each time you give your elevator […]

When conducting market research, aside from selecting the right target audience and research type (such as focus group or email survey), asking the right questions is crucial in receiving quality […]

When your brand comes up in conversation, do people know about it? Do they know what product or service your brand specializes in, be it modern Indian fast food, fitness […]

As business owners, it’s often easy to think that getting more customers is the answer to getting more revenue. Although this is true, it is actually much more cost and […]

Have you ever considered the impression your business gives to people who are not ‘29’ anymore? “Older adults tend to be loyal customers. If your business is age-friendly, you can […]

Flexibility, change and reinvention are part of the challenge of being an entrepreneur whether you are creating new services to meet your client needs, exploring new opportunities or marketing to […]

Relaxed work attire is a trend many entrepreneurs have embraced — some perhaps a little too much. In fact, a recent survey commissioned by The Creative Group found 39 percent […]