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We have all listened in on other people’s conversations at one point in time. You could be sitting alone and you can’t help but hear the conversation that is going on at the other table. It could make for interesting entertainment if you are alone especially if you have to cover a smile or stifle […]

Often many businesses leave the task of organizing their  paperwork for year-end. Businesses need to have proper paperwork to complete compliance reporting and filing. Keeping your business documents in order is not a difficult task if you follow a process. Here are a few tips to make this a little easier: One or two accordions […]


“I get mail; therefore I am.” ~ Scott Adams My inbox explodes every time I am away either for a conference, a speaking gig or just some ‘me’ time! Recently, when I came back to my office after attending a personal event on the weekend and then a two day conference, I found my inbox […]

Did you know clutter in a workspace is actually a distraction to your productivity? It weighs you down, it disrupts your thinking and creates an invitation to chaos. Here are five tips to simplify your workspace 1. Get rid of unnecessary knickknacks and office accessories. They are distractions, create clutter and reduce your focus. Bookshelves, […]

Here’s a recap of the steps so far providing exceptional customer service: 1. Manage customer expectations in advance of your customer making a purchase. It will reduce customer upsets substantially. 2. When a customer  expresses an issue, actively listen by recapping what they have said and address their feelings. 3. Listen to the entire story […]

Once you have actively listened to the customer (see Part 2) then you and the customer will become calmer and more open to a solution. It is important that you allow the customer to tell his or her entire story. In most cases the problem will have occurred because the customers expectation were not met. […]

When a customer expresses upset or discontent, the way they express themselves maybe alarming on receiving end. As a result what they are saying could be difficult to process. If you are on the receiving end of an upset customer, the first thing to do is actively listen to the customer’s concerns without interrupting. They […]

Since we are perfectly imperfect as human beings, even if you are a rock star in the area of customer service, you will make mistakes. You will have upset customers from time to time. Sometimes it won’t be because of an error you made. It will be because your customer’s expectations are different than yours. […]

Is your filing system stress free or do you need to locate your documents every time by using the search function on your computer?I witness many of my clients waste precious time sifting through duplicate copies to find that one document with all the important information. What happens if you cannot remember the name or […]

Imagine your business is fully functional, humming along on its own steam. You are aware of every aspect, nook, and cranny of your business. You have happy customers, happy staff, and a healthy cash flow. The work is delegated to the correct skill sets completed on time and within budget. Your day is jam-packed with […]