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One of my favorite local restaurants suffered a major fire damage last year due to an electrical failure next door. For two months the restaurant was boarded up, and eventually closed down. Unexpected business emergencies happen. Even though you cannot avoid them, you can impact the way you rise above these events by being prepared […]

It is indeed surprising the amount of paper which is still being generated and consumed in this technically savvy period. According to a report, the average Canadian uses the paper equivalent of almost five 40-foot (12-metre) trees a year. Creating a paperless office environment is cost effective and environmentally responsible. It is true that a […]

Being a successful woman entrepreneur also means being successful with our money management. Sadly 5 out of 10 Canadians say they would be in financial difficulty if their pay was delayed by even a week. Being self-employed or in business for yourself usually means a regular bi-weekly paycheque is not something we can count on, […]

Every year companies have holiday office parties and every year someone will become the ‘talk of the town’ but not for the best reasons! Here are the answers to 5 key questions to ask yourself BEFORE you attend that next holiday get together. 1. Do I have to go?Just being there is 80 percent of […]

The key to being organized is the ability to prioritize and structure timelines to accomplish tasks. A simple approach to organizing your business is to separate long and short term objectives as strategies and tactics. Achieving your vision through different business strategies is your long term goal. Tactics are established for your short term goals; […]

Jack is a self employed contractor who works on average 60 hours, 6 days a week traveling from one job site to the next. His wife Jill also has her own small business as a graphic designer. Jack and Jill share the same home office space which is also headquarters for all their household accounts. […]

For sole proprietorships, unincorporated businesses and incorporated companies a Health & Welfare Trust is a CRA approved plan for business owners to deduct healthcare expenses for their employees. Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) fall under the guidelines of the Health & Welfare Trust.PHSP allows sole proprietorships and unincorporated business owners to deduct 100% of qualified […]

Many new business ventures fail as they struggle to generate enough cash flow to sustain operations. Even for established companies, positive cash flow is required not only to take care of day-to-day expenses, but also to invest in infrastructure and future growth. 1. Get rid of excess inventoryExcess inventory causes worry for every business. It […]

Although your financial year-end can be at any time of the year, many businesses have a Dec 31st year end. This means your accountant will have last year’s financial statements ready by now. Accounting might be your least favourite part of running your business, but your year-end financials can be a powerful tool to analyze […]

Two of the most difficult challenges for SOHO businesses are Time Management and the separation of Home & Business Life. It’s so easy to get ‘disconnected’ from a balanced lifestyle when one or the other is vying for our attention. Getting control of both business and personal areas of our lives requires organization and self-discipline. […]