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In person customer service transaction

Congratulations!!! You made it through lockdowns, re-opens, masks, plexiglass, and hand sanitizer. You deserve a medal! Now it’s time to re-connect with your customers. We have all heard the post-COVID19 […]

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Sales is the engine for providing services and products, and marketing is the fuel. Here’s how to blend your marketing and sales strategies so that you can leverage them successfully […]

The holiday season is an especially fun time to be part of a women’s clothing store; both the clothing and the accessories magically transform from ordinary, to extra special during […]

Growing your business is exciting. If you have a product based business, it’s natural to first focus on product development since getting the right product for the right market is […]

Are you getting too many sales leads and can’t handle the work?  That would be a good problem!  But a problem nonetheless. There are a ton of Customer Relationship Management […]

Sales performance begins with having a great sales leader. You are the leader of your business whether you operate a one-person consulting firm, a retail store with several staff or […]

Your customers are more than just an account number. Want to stand out from the crowd? Here are 4 simple tips to create a great customer service experience for your […]

During the last week of May, I was hired to make a presentation for Canada Life, a large insurance company that sells living benefits. They hired me to deliver my […]

Sooner or later it happens to every business owner – some customer somewhere, is going to make an unreasonable request or raise an unfair objection. How the situation is handled […]

Many of us at one time or another, have had to step up and make that presentation to our clients, our prospects or colleagues. I know, you’d rather be six […]