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Thinking about growth? Getting into the supply chain of big corporations can boost your business. Getting certified as a Woman Business Owner (WBE) is the first step in the process of connecting you to new supply chains. The annual Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Conference and Business Fair provides an opportunity to access companies […]

Following up with clients and contacts is all about consistency. Entrepreneurs that make the initial effort to follow up do really well in the first few months and then gradually fizzle out. Here are some ideas to implement that will create a culture of consistent connections! 1. Spread out your follow up. Follow up throughout […]

Do you love sales as much as I do? I’ll bet you do. That is to say you love getting the sales. However asking for the sale is something many business owners shy away from, feeling nervous and uncomfortable asking the question “Are we going ahead with the order” or “shall I wrap that up […]

Peter Guber, an American film producer believes storytelling is action oriented and a force for turning dreams into goals and then into results. You may think that as a film producer, it’s only natural that he is a proponent of storytelling but he is also a successful executive. There lies his conviction that every business […]

Do you have an amazing deal to offer your clients/customers? Everybody wants to get a deal. Getting a deal gives you bragging rights, “Hey, did you hear about the great deal I got?” Imagine you’re in a jewelry store and a necklace catches your eye. It screams, “Buy me!” The price tag is $199. As […]

It’s challenging to make your message stand out from all the ‘noise’ out there. Emails, tweets, facebook invites, text messages, and advertisements – the list goes on. Here are 8 key points to help you get your message heard: 1. Tune into “WIIFM” – Whether it is an audience of one or one hundred and […]

Does your business follow a model in which you provide a quote, estimate or proposal to your prospective clients? When you (or someone within your organization) write up this information do you give the prospect exactly what they asked for or do you offer them more? I learned the following strategy from Alan Weiss (www.summitconsulting.com) […]

Somewhere along the line you may have learned to believe that, as a woman, if you raise your voice an octave, or become ‘cute’ that you will magically melt the person in front of you and get what you want from them.  This might work at home and with your friends, but if this style […]

Who are your number one customers? I’m talking about the fans. Those customers you love and they love you. These are the customers you want to clone and if you could, you’d have your laboratory up in running in a nano second. When you take a really good look at these fans, are they just […]

An extension to good customer service is the effective use of the phone. With email, texting and other electronic means of communication, it’s a tool than many business entrepreneurs overlook. Every time you make a customer service PHONE call you set yourself up for more sales and future business. Here are 7 tips and techniques […]