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I hear from small businesses that they don’t have time to engage on social media. Many executives of large companies don’t participate at all, leaving social interactions to junior staff in their marketing department, often citing lack of time or know-how as main reasons for their avoidance. However, it’s important for leaders to take part […]

You can tweet, post, pin, plus one it or share. Overwhelmed yet? How do you still manage a business without getting overwhelmed with everything you need to do on Social Media? This is one of the most commonly asked questions from business owners. For businesses that want to leverage the power of social media without […]

The key message that I keep hearing from business owners is the feeling of being overwhelmed by the numerous social media platforms and the lack of time to participate in even one of them.Here are strategies to feel less overwhelmed. Social media is a toolSocial media is simply another tool to help you communicate with […]

You’re amazingly confident talking one-on-one to people about your business, but the minute you step in front of a camera, ahhhhhh! Your throat gets dry, hands get sweaty.You have nothing to say while fear grips your shoulders in a tight ball of anxiety. Recording a video to promote your business is like going to the […]

Social Media is something that almost everyone knows a little bit about. The trouble is a little bit of knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. Especially when your business reputation is at stake! This list is designed to give you a few things to think about next time you log onto facebook or get […]

One of the fatal branding errors that some businesses make is in their email address. I call this problem “the ugly email” – businesses that use email addresses like or or an email through their Internet provider. As an entrepreneur, you have invested a lot of your time and energy in building up […]

As women entrepreneurs we are masters at multi-tasking. We know how to schedule an appointment in our calendar while texting our teenager about dinner and sending an email to a client. Below are a few tech tools to help increase your business productivity. 1. Social media. Facebook and Twitter are THE‘ blast’ communication portal for […]

You’re in front of a camera.The red recording light goes on.ACTION! Do you feel confident delivering your message?Are you engaging and dynamic on video? Or are you stiff and nervous, fumbling over your words? As an entrepreneur and CEO, you ARE the best spokesperson for your business – so how much training have you invested […]

Are you using LinkedIn to grow your business? Or have you been thinking of using it but haven’t got around to it yet? LinkedIn is essential for all B2B businesses but can also be very effective for B2C businesses. The approach for B2C will be different, but can be equally effective when you utilize LinkedIn’s […]

As a social media strategist I often come across the following question – I have a barely used Twitter account under my personal name. Should I open a new account for my business under my business name? I strongly suggest you keep just one Twitter account with your name on it. If you want your […]