Clarifying your vision for business success

“Capital isn’t scarce, vision is.” ~ Sam Walton

Being successful in business depends on having a clear vision. Business leaders are responsible for having a clear vision and being able to express it to others – to your employees, investors, partners, suppliers, customers, and communities. Your business then becomes an opportunity for realizing and living your vision every day.

What is a vision?
A vision is about “why” we are in business, independent of “what” we do. People are much more interested in why we do something rather than what we do. Are you able to articulate in one clear sentence “why” you are in business?

Why have a vision?
A vision is a source of inspiration for yourself and others. It provides focus and direction. A clear vision guides, becoming the decision-making model for your business by asking yourself, “will this choice serve my vision?”

What makes a powerful vision?
A powerful vision comes from within yourself and contains the most commonly missing element: it’s about benefitting others. In what way does your business benefit others?

Answering these questions provides the foundation from which your business will expand. With this clarity comes purposefulness and fulfillment – two vital elements of success. Clarifying your vision is one of the most important things that you will do for your business growth and success.


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