Create Intentionally: Start with a Vision

Crafting and refining a vision for business is a way to gain clarity, stay focused and strategic when building/growing a business. You can use it as a beacon for your daily routine; as a tool to inspire your employees; as a communication message for the customers; and as a criterion for your decisions.

It is beneficial when you can extract the ideas for the future from your head and transfer it to paper whether journaling or designing a vision board.

Journaling allows you to think ideas through while working on a visual representation of the desired future allows you to activate your inner resources. Our subconscious mind perceives information through images, therefore working with images and then looking at the assembled board regularly will help you stay connected to your vision on a deep level.

1. Connect with your intuition and dream

Get in touch with what ignites you; what energizes you; what brings you joy. Don’t let your negative past experiences define the scope of your vision. Don’t worry about what is possible. Think about what you truly desire. Let your intuition talk to you.

2. Choose a time frame

Decide when you want your vision to come true. If your vision is so big that you think it might take many years for it to be realized, create a timeline splitting the big vision into milestones.Create a picture of how you want to see your business within a chosen period of time.

3. Check in with your core values, passion, and mission using the following questions

Core Values: Is this vision in alignment with my values? Does it express what my business stands for?

Passion: Does this vision make me feel happy? Do I feel enthusiastic about it?

Mission: Does this vision include being of high service to others? How will it impact customers, industry or community in a positive way?

4. Decide how you want to feel in your business

Whether we realize it or not, our goals are always about how we want to feel. So why not to bring that to consciousness at the beginning? Brainstorm what you want to experience emotionally and then include it to your vision.

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