Create the Most Powerful First Impression

Online video can communicate your story and message, share your heart, and express how you truly feel about something in under 60 seconds. No other medium can do that in such a concise, visually engaging way, and it is the most powerful first impression you can make if you can’t meet face-to-face. That’s why we work with the power of video: to capture our clients’ stories and launch them into the digital world.

People are moved by people’s stories.

Someone, even if it’s just ONE person out there in the world will be (and I repeat) WILL BE moved by your story. They will be moved to take action, moved to think in a different way, moved to talk to someone about it. GUARANTEED. We all have the power to change and uplift. When we share our stories, we encourage well-being in ourselves and others by listening and speaking our truth. I dare you to SPEAK UP and communicate what you have to say on camera today, and I have two ways to get you started:

1. Take ownership of your brilliance and start thinking about what you want to communicate to the world at large.

2. Grab your iphone/smartphone and start making some movie magic.

Here are 3 Ways to Maximize the Value of Video to Create Global Impact for You and Your Business

1. Make it Great: Instead of posting “good enough/at least I did it” video, work at putting out GREAT video—meaning it’s lit well, the sound is clean, and your content is thought out, clear, and concise.

2. Content Rich: There are millions of fluff videos and enough footage of people’s cats to reach the moon and back, so stand out by delivering content that is informative, educational, and interesting to your targeted viewer.

3. Share It: Many of my clients make amazing videos and then forget to share them on their network, in their newsletters, in their email signature, etc.

Do you have a story to share or a message to communicate to a global audience? If you are shouting “Yes!” then we want to hear from you!

Curious to learn more? My FREE SPIRO DIY Video course can get you on the road to making videos that rock.


Adera Angelucci

Adera Angelucci is a passionate storyteller and connector. She’s the Co-Founder of SPIRO Creative, a Telly Award-winning video production company in White Rock, BC. She recently launched SPIRO DIY Video, an online tutorial series to teach entrepreneurs to create their own online video with confidence and clarity to boost their sales and share their message proudly with the world.

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