Creating the Dream Team

As a business owner, you may be comfortable, or prefer, making all the business decisions alone. However, there are endless benefits for having the extra brain power.

Creating the Dream Team
In choosing the people to include on your strategic team, keep in mind that diversity is the key to bringing new ideas to the table. A team of people with varied skills is the most beneficial. Obviously, the number of people included in the team will vary according to the size of the company. Choosing people who have a vested interest in your company’s success can go a long way toward creating a team with integrity and vision.

Finding That Fearless Leader
Your choice of a team leader is crucial. As the business owner, you may or may not be the best choice as the team lead. This person must have the ability to orient the team, create assignments, direct discussion and redirect when discussion ranges off topic. He or she must have the flexibility to accept many ideas and assign tasks to each member of the team.

Your Team’s Commitment is Crucial
Commitment is the key to creating and managing a great strategic team. Your team members have to be fully dedicated to the success of your company. They must share both your vision and your goals.

An outstanding strategic team (or an advisory board) is capable of producing astounding results for your business. If your vision is to grow your business constantly, having a strategic team will expedite that process.

Sandy Huang

Sandy Huang is the principal of Pinpoint Tactics Business Consulting in Vancouver, BC. She strives to empower small business owners by equipping them with the tools they need to be more competitive and profitable. Sandy also teaches business courses, conducts workshops, and sits on the board of Burnaby Counselling Group.

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