Customer Service – Defusing an Upset Customer

When a customer expresses upset or discontent, the way they express themselves maybe alarming on receiving end. As a result what they are saying could be difficult to process.

If you are on the receiving end of an upset customer, the first thing to do is actively listen to the customer’s concerns without interrupting. They need to express themselves fully to feel heard. The listening is a powerful tool for both the customer and the person who is hearing about the issue.

Active listening involves sharing what you’ve heard without adding your own story or becoming defensive. What is important is that when you repeat it back to the customer and include a feeling guess.

Here’s an example. The customer says, “I am very upset because you told me the moving company would be at my place by 1 pm and they didn’t show up until 3 pm. I didn’t have time to clean my apartment before the inspection happen.”.

You respond with “It sounds like it was extremely stressful for you because you needed to the moving truck to show up by 1 pm so you could finish cleaning inspection in time.” The customer will confirm if what you are saying is true to them

The customer will likely tell you more about what happened and you will repeat the same process. This should defuse the intensity of the situation so that you can move on to the next step.

What way have you found to be most effective in defusing an upset customer? Comment here.

In part 3, I will carry on with the next step of resolving a customer issue.

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