Diversity Marketing

Does your business serve a diverse community of customers? If so, you may be thinking about how to market to a specific group based on age, gender or culture.

One thing to be fully aware of is that diversity marketing is not a quick fix to grow your customer base. It’s a long-term proposition with benchmarks that are more difficult to clearly define than running a coupon promotion. It’s a marketing strategy to build a long-term relationship with a niche group.

When a business decides to move forward with diversity marketing – it needs to make sure its own house is in order. Ask yourself: Do you have employees that represent the group you want to focus your marketing efforts towards? If not, then it will be unrealistic to proceed.

Below are a few tips to successfully implement your diverse marketing strategies:

  • Know what segments to focus on
  • Hire employees that represent the group you want to focus on
  • Create a culture of inclusivity at work
  • Draft programs to support this process
  • Look at this process as a long term relationship

Many organizations leverage their relationships with their employees to ask for business in the communities they identify with. This has been an effective approach for them.

Focusing on human resources and synchronicity with employees is a foundational piece to branching out into specific diverse groups within your community. Once you have taken this step, you will be able to move forward with exploring how to best reach the group or community you want to build relationships with in order to gain their trust.

By boosting your diversity marketing strategy, you can see a positive impact on the bottom line.


Jen DeTracey

Jen DeTracey is a Strategic Alchemist for Lift Strategies. "My focus over the past 25 years is to really drive home the importance of customer retention and getting new customers efficiently. It’s about nurturing your fans and attracting new ones. If you don’t have a system in place to keep customers, you can’t go out effectively get new ones.” Jen offers in-person and phone consultation, keynote speaking, half day training, her “Lift Strategies” book and the "create your customized marketing action plan" through a personalized one to one telephone/online program.

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