Does Your Highschool Voice Get You Adult Results?

Somewhere along the line you may have learned to believe that, as a woman, if you raise your voice an octave, or become ‘cute’ that you will magically melt the person in front of you and get what you want from them.  This might work at home and with your friends, but if this style is a permanent state of communication for you, it may be holding you back in business.

If your voice and tone goes up at the end of every sentence it may imply to your listener that you don’t trust yourself or that you are uncertain of what you are saying. It may also appear that you are looking for validation or approval.  If you have an implied question mark with your voice raising at the end of each sentence your audience won’t have confidence in what you are saying and it will seem as if you are constantly looking for something from them – when actually, they are looking for something from you!

There is no denying that there are different voices we use, depending upon who we are with – don’t give up the fun kid voice you share with your close friends or family – you can speak to them however you want.  But, if you want to be sent out to represent yourself in business, you must have a voice that can instill confidence in your listeners.

So, you are reading this and you are wondering … Do I do that? Is this me? How will I know?

If you think this is you then what can you do?

  • Take your voice down an octave.
  • Record yourself to hear your voice! What is the impact? Note your improvements.
  • Work up the courage to ask someone you trust.
  • Remember, if you deliver your message in the form of a question you will end up leading your listener to try to find solutions for you about what you have just told them – you will get completely off track and lose momentum for what you want to accomplish.

Please remember that your high school voice can be appropriate – the only time you have to leave it behind is when it is stopping people from hearing your message, or stopping you from achieving all that you want to and CAN achieve.


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