Do’s and Dont’s of Reaching Out to Bloggers for PR

These days, no PR campaign is complete without a blogger outreach. Bloggers reach targeted audiences and enjoy much more credibility than paid ads. But for many PR folks, interacting with bloggers is new ground.

Get better results from your blogger outreach by following the tips below.

How to Reach Out to Bloggers


1. Do research the blogs before you even think of approaching the blog owner with your pitch.

Make sure you know what the blog is all about, what types of topics are covered, and who reads the blog. Some bloggers are open to PR and have a PR section on their blog. Look for that.

2. Do interact with bloggers long before your campaign.

Nobody likes being used. Bloggers would get offended if you approached them only because you have a campaign. Long before you think you need them, start building relationships with them. Read and comment on their blogs. Share them in your social networks. Follow their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

3. Do drop the corporate-speak.

Bloggers write in a conversational style. Your pitch should be natural and conversational, too.

4. Do offer a valuable story.

Content is precious to bloggers, so you’re more likely to get results when you offer them stories with a lot of mileage.
Yes, this means you can’t send out press releases and expect bloggers to publish them. Free products, giveaways for contests, exclusive experiences, and interviews are popular with bloggers.

5. Do make it easy peasy.

Don’t expect bloggers to go the extra mile to publish great content and help promote your product.
Make their job as easy as possible by providing more than they’ll ever need to create a high-quality blog post, such as:

  • first-hand experience of your product or service
  • photos
  • videos
  • quotes or sound-bites
  • option to interviews
  • pre-written tweets


1. Don’t send a generic or inaccurate pitch.

When you reach out to bloggers, use their name (with correct spelling) and the name of their blog. Never say, “Dear blogger,” even if you qualify with “mommmy blogger,” “eco-friendly blogger,” or whatever else.

2. Don’t grovel.

Sure, you want to get on their good side, show what a great product you have, and make them feel important. However, bloggers can see (read?) through that very easily and they’ll either be totally turned off or take advantage of it.

3. Don’t forget to follow up.

Bloggers are busy people, just like you and me. They may forget about you, so very gently follow up with them. Two follow-ups by phone or email ought to be enough after the initial contact.

4. Don’t forget to promote them.

After a blogger has published a post about your product or company, don’t neglect to bring your audience to them. Share links to the post in your social networks.

5. Don’t take negative reviews personally.

Bloggers who are serious about their craft want to give balanced reviews. And when a blogger does say something negative about you or your product, never ever ask them to rewrite their post. Respond with grace and you’ll earn the respect of the blogger and their readers.

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