Essential Public Speaking Tips

We all want to look polished and professional when we are in front of an audience. You can do simple things to make that possible.

Here are some tips:

  • Avoid filler words

Many people use filler words when speaking. Filler words include any word that is not necessary in your communication such as ah, um, like, so. The problem with filler words is that they detract from your message. If used repetitively, the filler words will be all an audience hears! The use of filler words is a learned habit. The good thing is about a learned habit is, it can be unlearned too.

  • Pause often

Your audience needs a chance to absorb what you have said. You need a moment to breathe, check your notes, and perhaps drink some water. The great thing about taking a pause is that your audience will think you just said something important, or that you are about to say something important. Take a good pause between every main point, and breathe.

  • Prepare thoroughly

Preparing for a public speaking situation isn’t only about going through you speaking notes over and over again. It’s about rehearsing what you will say AND how you will say it. Preparation is also about making sure every detail leading up to a presentation is taken care of. Simple things like ensuring you have enough copies of your handout, checking the room to ensure there will be a microphone available, or that you are wearing something appropriate for the occasion, are also crucial to your success.


Sarah Daviau

Sarah Daviau is the owner of Piece of Cake Communications in Victoria. Piece of Cake Communications shows people how to become confident and effective communicators – public speaking, business networking and job searching. Opened in March 2009, Piece of Cake Communications provides one-on-one coaching and workshops to individuals and businesses.

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