Evaluate a bookkeeper before you hire

Many small businesses think they can easily maintain their own books. However, doing journal entries is certainly not fun. It is also waste of an entrepreneur’s precious time. Hiring a bookkeeper is an important decision for your business. A bookkeeper is a key part of your management team.

Before you hire, ask yourself:
Do you only look at the price per hour?
Do you look at Certifications?

Let’s determine the differences.

1. Bookkeepers with certifications are required to write exams and have minimum standards which need to be met on an annual basis, for example continuing education credits.

2. An uncertified bookkeeper who simply posts an ad looking for clients may not have the professional qualifications, training or experience which may jeopardize your books. The outcome of not hiring a certified bookkeeper may cost your business more money in the end.

It is good practice to hire a bookkeeper who takes the time and additional cost to carry on certification training which demonstrates the commitment to their own business and profession. They are interested in developing relationships and passing on their knowledge to ensure that your business is receiving up-to-date accounting and taxation information.

Evaluate a bookkeeper before you hire because you want to develop a long term relationship built on trust which will help your business to prosper as well as achieve profitability and success. Check what certifications they have acquired. Working with a certified bookkeeper will save you precious time and money in the long run!

Anne Filippone

Anne Filippone owns Precision Accounting. She is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper, Certified Simply Accounting Gold Consultant, Simply Accounting Certified Trainer and Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

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