Bookkeeping Basics


Using a bookkeeping journal method, learn how to set-up your own books. Bookkeeping basics include the principles of double entry, how to keep your records organized, and more. Choose between […]

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Where Should You Export? Researching New Markets


This is the second in a three-part Export webinar series hosted by Women’s Enterprise Centre. Click here to sign up for the whole series. Once you’ve decided that you’re going […]

Disaster Readiness 101


Learn the seven things your business can do immediately to avoid being caught off-guard when an unexpected event interrupts your business' operations. This workshop will give you ideas and strategies […]

Indigenous Cultural Protocols, Empathy & Safety Work


Cultural Protocols, Empathy & Safety offers a facilitated decolonial dialogue to support you or your organization to work through Nahanee Creative’s mini-courses and writing prompts together. In this two-hour workshop, […]