Finding The Balance

There is a myth that we should be able to do it all – grow business revenues by 25% year over year, keep all household affairs in order, bake from scratch, be involved in the community, and look fabulous at the same time, etc. What commonly happens though, is that we only realize we are overextended when something gives – often it’s our health or relationships.

Are you intentional about how you spend your energy and your time? Or are you so busy with short-term to-dos that the truly important, foundational items are getting neglected?

Here are top 3 common issues:

1. No separation between business and personal hours.

Do you work all the time, even when you’re “off”? Consider a no-work policy when you are with your family, and a no-personal-affairs policy when you are working. Once you have allocated and protected the time for both, you’ll become more productive and less distracted in your work.

2. Trying to do too much.

Ok, superwoman, it’s time to set limits. Make a list of all your current responsibilities. What should you delegate? What should you defer? What can simply be deleted? (is there anything which has been on your list for more than a year? Why is it even there?)

3. Failing to prioritize your foundation.

Here is how time should be scheduled, in order:
a. Self-care
b. Time with family
c. Business planning time
d. Business operations

Finding balance requires good decision-making. Be precise and specific about what changes you want to make.

Imagine: if you were already the healthy, happy new you … what would you be doing differently today?

Felicia Lee

Felicia Lee is a Business Coach and founder of Candeo Business Coaching. She works with clients who are profitable but plateaued to create scalable business models to move beyond trading time for money. Her experience includes building and bringing new services and products into markets, creating business models for licensing, building networks and connections for entrepreneurs, and being a mother to two amazing daughters. In addition to running a coaching and training practice, Felicia is also an Instructor and Business Advisor at Langara College Self Employment Program, founder of Mom CEO Academy, and mentor to entrepreneurs at Women’s Enterprise Centre, FWE

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