Hiring for Keeps

Human resources is part of the larger business strategy in a small business. Recruitment and employee training has to fit in with the business culture. There are several points to consider while deciding on the HR strategy for your business.

1. Recruitment
Know what you are hiring for. Use lots of behavioural interviewing questions – otherwise the business may be systemically hiring people who can answer rehearsed interview questions. Check references.

2. Orientation
Be sure that if an employee starts the first day, doesn’t know where to hang her coat, is handed a 3 inch thick policies and procedures manual and eats lunch alone – it is pretty well all downhill from there. Develop an orientation program that includes mentors and remember that orientation is not an event –it’s a process.

3. The art and science of leading employees
Analyzing and remedying HR performance issues is key to success in business. If a team or a unit or an individual is underperforming, the whole business is affected. A manager has to match solutions to needs. This is called “situational leadership” and requires a variety of leadership styles depending on the situation and the individual involved.

4. Task versus people – the balancing act
In every small business there is a constant juggling of task and people. A wise manager will understand the difference in focus changes depending on circumstances of the moment. Provide employees with clarity around task, and take care of your people.

5. It’s all About Team
Investigate your small business culture. DO you speak team, but reward individual behaviours and outcomes? How do you know? Start by asking yourself – what was the best team I was ever “on”? This will help to identify some of the elements that may be crucial for your team.

Dawn McCooey

Dawn McCooey is the Skills Development Manager for Women’s Enterprise Centre, and is based in the Victoria office. Dawn has worked in the adult training and development field for over 20 years. As owner of a career consulting company for over 18 years, Dawn managed up to 32 employees in three offices in Victoria and was voted “Best Boss in Victoria.” Her book “Keeping Good Employees On Board” was an Amazon.ca bestseller in 2010. Dawn was also the HR expert on the Reality TV Show “The Hard Way.”

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