How to Ask for a Sale and Get it!

Do you love sales as much as I do? I’ll bet you do. That is to say you love getting the sales. However asking for the sale is something many business owners shy away from, feeling nervous and uncomfortable asking the question “Are we going ahead with the order” or “shall I wrap that up for you”.

We’re all experts when it comes to our product and service! For most of us that’s why we started up our business in the first place. After all a great product or service is the start of a great business and let’s face it, if you haven’t got something to sell there is no business. That being said, the business needs sales and the more the better. Your business success is measured by the number of sales which equates to profit.

The problem many entrepreneurs face is the fear of asking for the sale. Many times we’re giving more information than we need to and thinking that’s what will get us the sale, without having to ask. Asking is not pushy, it’s smart. Here are a few tips:
• Don’t oversell.
• Offer several payment options.
• Not sure what to say – develop a script to ask for the sale.
• Remember dropping the price doesn’t necessarily get you the sale. Dropping price will devalue your product/service. ‘Value added’ will increase value and help you get the sale. Do that by adding a promotional item or for example: ‘2nd item is 50% off’.
• Once you’ve proved the value stop talking about the product/service and ask for the sale.
• Be on their side, help your customer to justify their buying decision.
• Know your customer; know why a buyer buys your product/service.

Your customer knows you have something to sell, they expect to be asked. I always laugh to myself when I’ve shown interest in a company’s product/service but they never asked me for the sale. I think to myself … I would have bought it if they had asked.

Debbie Palmer

Debbie Palmer has 25 years as a successful sales professional and entrepreneur. She’s a professional instructor offering Sales Training to entrepreneurs and independent contractors with on-site workshops, one-on-one online or face-to-face coaching, business consulting and keynotes with guaranteed satisfaction! Debbie is also a peer group mentor for WEC.

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