How Green Is Your Business?

All businesses impact the environment. The decision to go green is a smart business move. It saves energy, cuts costs, and also creates competitive advantage for you in the market place. Going green is not an overwhelming process.

Below are five easy tips to help your small business incorporate greening as part of your business model.

1. Make a Decision. It all starts with a decision. Make a firm decision to “Be Green” and incorporate it as a core value in your business model. Create a roadmap and identify priority issues to achieve sustainability in your business. Commit to it and integrate it in all your business decisions.

2. Engage Your People. Engage your employees in sustainability practices. It will initiate an attitude change in them and make their work more meaningful. Biking to work is a good example of employee engagement. Encourage innovation in the work place and create incentives for your employees to make them committed to sustainable practices.

3. Identify Best Practices. Look at your unique product/service and identify best practices in your industry. Check on the internet or join your local green groups to guide you towards greener solutions. Stay updated with the latest innovations in your industry. Technology upgrades can cut costs and reduce energy waste.

4. Create a Waste Management Program. Prepare a sustainable waste management policy for your business. Put a recycling system in place. Turn the lights off and shut down computers after work. Switch to energy efficient LED lights. Use non toxic cleaning products. These small steps are easy to implement and can make a huge difference.

5. Focus on Your Supply Chain. Look at your product life cycle and the environmental practices of your suppliers and partners. Their decisions and practices impact your company’s final product or service. Can you find local suppliers? Working with local suppliers not only reduces carbon footprints but also encourages local economy and creates jobs in the community.

It is easy to reduce the environmental impacts of your business. Greening your business not only builds customer loyalty but also influences your business bottom line.

Connie Linder

An award winning entrepreneur, Connie Linder has been honoured with 2011 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards, celebrating the professional achievements of women across the country. She is the Founder of Intengine in Vancouver, BC, and Co-Founder of Polymer Research Technologies which won the New Venture BC Innovation award in 2011 by the BC Investment Council.

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