How Many Twitter Accounts Should You Have?

As a social media strategist I often come across the following question – I have a barely used Twitter account under my personal name. Should I open a new account for my business under my business name?

I strongly suggest you keep just one Twitter account with your name on it. If you want your business name to have some presence on Twitter you can always change the @mention name to your business name… but keep the actual account in your name.

People are more likely to engage with you (in the relationship building way) when it is a person vs. a company name. Also, if you network locally, people are also more likely to search you under your name as well.

I highly advise you DON’T have 2 different Twitter accounts unless the companies you are representing have very different target markets.

Remember that you are still the person behind the business. And people do business with people.

It takes time and energy to build your followers; it is much easier to build it all on one account. For example, I have over 1000 followers on the account that I want to close but I don’t want to lose the relationships I have already built. For me, it was a newbie mistake!

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Shauna Harper

Shauna Harper is a mentor for Women’s Enterprise Centre and a business coach for creative entrepreneurs . Due to her obsession with online marketing and the “little blue bird”, she teaches entrepreneurs how to strategically use Twitter to grow their businesses.

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