Importance of a Mentor in Business Success

In business, a strong mentor is invaluable. Mentors come in many forms – family friends, acquaintances, business associates, etc. A colleague of mine was recently accepted into a well-known global mentorship program , in which entrepreneurs are mentored by a team of experienced and successful business owners. I spent some time reading about their structure and I found that the Program is built on a collection traits that are found at the core of almost every successful company and that can be easily integrated into any usiness mentorship. A few examples:

Commitment and Drive
To be eligible for the global mentorship program, a company must have sales of $250k and be pushing to reach $1M. At first glance this may seem like a high barrier to entry, but it is an important qualifier because at the end of the day, a mentorship is about your bottom line. Work with your mentor to devise a series of measurable, concrete, and achievable steps that lead to your end goal.

Strong businesses are built on a deliberate approach. The global mentorship program consists of 40 directed lessons designed to systematically improve the entrepreneur’s company by focusing on one specific aspect at a time. Identify areas of your company that you would like to improve and approach each of your mentorship meetings with a clear purpose and goal.

Aside from having a mentor who can meet with you on a regular basis, accountability is key. It is important to ensure that you are held accountable for implementing new measures into your business and making continual progress towards you goals. Perhaps start an accountability group with some of your peers and make a point check on each other regularly. You’ll be amazed at the progress you make.


Sandy Huang

Sandy Huang is the principal of Pinpoint Tactics Business Consulting in Vancouver, BC. She strives to empower small business owners by equipping them with the tools they need to be more competitive and profitable. Sandy also teaches business courses, conducts workshops, and sits on the board of Burnaby Counselling Group.

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