International Trade Terms-Part 2

Part one of my blog explained some international trade terms. This blog explains a few more terms used in export and import.

HS code: It stands for Harmonized System code. HS code is maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO), an independent intergovernmental organization with over 160 member countries, based in Brussels, Belgium.

It is a 10 digit number where the first 6 digits are universal and the remaining 4 are from the country you are importing into. The HS code are used for tariff classification, transport documentation, import or export declaration, for trade statistics.

B3 import declaration: If you plan to import into Canada, you will need to use the B3 form to declare these goods to Canada Border Services Agency. You can either submit this form yourself along with a cargo control, invoice Import permits, health certificates, or any other required form to the Canada Border Services office or you can use a custom broker / freight forwarder.

For more information: Importing Commercial Goods Into Canada

B13A export declaration: when you export commercial goods for a value of $2,000 or greater to any country other than the U.S, Puerto Rico, or the U.S Virgin Islands, you have to declare the exported goods to Canada Border Services Agency.

1. You can fill up the B13A online, by contacting Statistics Canada to receive a free of charge software called CAED (the Canadian Automated Export Declaration). You can contact the following: 1-800-257-2434 or E-mail: export@statcan.gc.ca
2. Or you can use a customs broker/freight forwarder who will do the declaration on your behalf

For more information: Exporting Goods From Canada: A Handy Guide for Exporters

If you have any questions about how Women’s Enterprise Centre can help you with exporting and/or importing, send us an email or call us at 1.800.643.7014 ext. 112.

Sandra Light

Sandra Light, BA is Business Advisor - Trade Specialist at our Kelowna office. With a BA in international trade, Sandra has 20 years of experience as a trade expert working in multiple countries, and speaks French and Spanish. Over the past ten years, Sandra has advised and assisted almost one thousand entrepreneurs to grow their business through international trade. Sandra provides hands-on assistance to both importers and exporters, from helping with sales and marketing strategies to the hands-on topics of customs declarations, other government regulations and how to deal with HS codes, incoterms, logistics, means of payment, taxation and tariff treatments, and registration numbers. Sandra also loves delivering interactive and informative workshops and presentations on import

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