It’s A Balancing Act

Ok, take one ball and throw it up in the air. Catch it. Do it again. Now add another ball. Throw that one in the air as well. Catch it. Do it again. Now throw both balls in the air at the same time. Chances are you can catch them. What happens when you add that third or fourth ball? It becomes a game of ‘chase’ instead of ‘catch’!

Balancing personal life, family and business is not just a game of catch. It requires thought, planning and support.

In one of my previous articles “Delegate It!”(posted on Jan 19, 2011) we determined that unless tasks and events are diarized and prioritized, stress levels elevate and productivity goes out the window! As a business person, we need to also accept that the world will not come to an end if that ‘something’ is not accomplished. 

The following are some ideas and tips to help make that happen.

  1. Prioritize. If you have a family, they are your number one priority. Businesses can be rebuilt, restructured, sold and bought but your family is non-negotiable.
  2. Put oxygen mask on self first. Remember to take care of yourself. Take a 20 minute walk or read two chapters of the book you are currently reading. It doesn’t matter what it is, just make the time.
  3. Schedule. It’s that easy. Print off a large blank calendar and start filling in your tasks, events, meetings and personal time in priority sequence.
  4. The Big 6. Before you go to bed each night, write down the six things you want to accomplish the next day. Remember that some ‘to do’s’ have more than one step to complete.
  5. You’re only Human. Don’t get sucked into that black hole of perfection that marketers try to feed us on a daily basis. Everyone is NOT created equal and just because Sara runs three companies, has two kids in elementary school and sits on the parent advisory committee does not mean she’s happy or that her day runs smoothly. YOU decide what works for you and stick to it.

Remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare? – sometimes it is better to be slower  and steadier than racing through life at Mach 5 with your hair on fire.


Cathy Kuzel

An award-winning Leader, Entrepreneur and Business Development Consultant, Cathy Kuzel teaches entrepreneurs how to let go of limiting beliefs and “Stand Up, Stand Out & Step Forward” to have the business success they dream of. Cathy is recognized across Canada for her expertise on “All Things Small Biz”. Named one of the Top Ten Mentors in Canada, she is also the Founder of The Connected Woman Association, Author of “Are You a Collector or a Connector?”; “When Women Talk” book series; and the internationally known “Daily Espressos – Caffeine for the Mind."

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