Launch Your Dream Series for Immigrant Women: Exploring Entrepreneurship, Together! Webinar Series Recordings

As an Immigrant, you have a wealth of global experience, and owning your own business can help you to create opportunities for you and your family!

If you’re new to Canada, you might have some questions about how to start a business, who can help you, and what you need to know about this new market.

So you’re invited to join Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC) for a free webinar series that will help you match your strengths and experience with a strong business that can succeed in BC.

The series is hosted by Alpana Sharma, a WEC Business Advisor and an Immigrant entrepreneur who has operated her own import business successfully.

Alpana will explore some of the questions you should consider as a new entrepreneur in Canada, share resources and introduce you to the many organizations that can assist you along your journey to start, buy or grow your own business.

She’ll also host storytellers who will share their experience

Sessions in the Series:

How to Use Your Global Experience to Build a Great Business

Recorded on February 16, 2021
Password: LaunchDream2021

Financial Statements 101: Balance Sheets and Income Statements