A Leader’s New Best Friend

In my career, I help people get unstuck. To see someone reach their highest and best self gives me goose bumps. So when I heard about EI and its benefits, I had to check it out. I immediately saw its potential, became passionate about it and now want to share it with everyone who’ll listen. Why? Because EI is the ticket for you to: feel good about yourself, stand up for your beliefs, manage stress, create healthy relationships and have sky-high efficiency.

Are you salivating yet, chomping at the bit? Saying, “Tell me what it is – I have to know!”

Alright then.
EI, or emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to perceive and evaluate, control and express emotions. Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the measure of emotional intelligence. And the payoff is huge.

Emotional intelligence benefits all areas of life. In business, it can be your new best friend. People with strong leadership skills are found to have high levels of EI, making it a key element for business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs.

So why don’t schools teach these skills? As a university professor, I witness first hand that instructors give students stress, but never teach them how to deal with it. The same holds true in the corporate world. Corporations seem to expect people to know how to behave on the job.

As a self-development professional, I’ve seen hundreds of organizations greatly undervalue these soft skills, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

To realize the importance of emotions and how they play out, try this simple tip for an emotionally-charged situation. Imagine pulling up and out of yourself. Watch, objectively, from above. You’ll switch from participant to observer. Notice the corresponding shift in your emotional state. This self-awareness, now freed of its emotional charge, will help you see the situation more calmly and clearly.

If this post has you curious and you’d like to learn more, watch my video on leading with emotional intelligence (training program available in both face-to-face and online delivery formats).

Join me next time as I break down the first core emotional intelligence area, Self-Perception, and explore the competency of self-regard.
Until then, take care and stay aware.

Carolyn Stern

Carolyn Stern specializes in helping professional women get unstuck, maximize their potential and achieve more. She is a successful entrepreneur, self-development professional, author, university professor, corporate trainer and coach, as well as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator/Instructor.

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