The “Local” Entrepreneur

Getting involved in the community can be a win-win situation in business. You showcase your business as being “socially aware” and you feel good about it. The most important thing for a business to remember is that most customers buy from people they know, like and trust. Creating a “community” and interacting with that community goes a long way in building that trust.

Community involvement puts a personal face on your business in several ways that can’t be duplicated.

1. Get involved Use your imagination; enjoy being part of your community. It can start off as small as holding a warm coats or toy drive at your location. People are intuitive and respond positively to genuine caring. Get your employees involved and encourage them to participate. Consider wearing clothing with your company logo when hosting an event. It creates brand exposure, people take notice and it helps reinforce your brand with a positive image.

2. Build trust Treating your clients and potential clients as part of your community is an important part of building trust and developing a strong brand. Word of mouth is the best possible advertising when you are known in the community. People are not only more likely to trust you but they’ll often refer you to friends even if they’ve never had the opportunity to use your services.

3. Be sincere Relationships are the heart of a business. When you are sincere about your involvement, you might be surprised at how much your business will benefit.

As I was taught by my mentor, focus on turning your Customers…..into Guests….into Family.


Pareen Hassanally

Pareen Hassanally is the Franchisee of Rasoee in Vancouver B.C. a fast growing, new concept food franchise. Her success lies in building strong relationships within her business community.

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