Make Instagram Work For You: Connect Other Social Accounts

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks, with 400 million users and an estimated 71% of American businesses predicted to use it by 2017 ( One of its unique features is allowing you to “push” your grams (posts) to other networks like Facebook and Twitter. Connecting your social accounts is a simple way to not only share posts across platforms when appropriate, but also maximize your time and engagement with others. Not connecting your social accounts with Instagram properly – or at all – can result in lost opportunities for exposure.

To connect your Instagram account with other networks, do the following steps:

1. Click the Options icon (that looks like a gear) in the top right corner of your profile.
2. Under “Settings,” click on “Linked Accounts.”
3. You will see a number of social accounts under your Share Settings. Click on the appropriate account.
4. Enter your information to sign in and authorize your account.
5. When you return to the Share Settings screen, you will see your accounts enabled.
6. The next time you are at the share screen, click on the social accounts that you enabled to share your post with that network.

Important tip for Facebook: Make sure that you take the extra step when you link this account to enable the Share to your company page – if you don’t, your grams will be shared to your personal Facebook profile.

Twitter will shorten your post to 140 characters there, and provide a link to the longer Instagram post.

In the example below, I tagged a company in my Instagram post and pushed it to my Twitter account.


The company that was tagged had properly connected their Instagram account with their Twitter account, and were able to be notified on Twitter. This allowed them to directly engage back with me there.

Connecting your social media accounts is an easily overlooked task, but one that can help businesses reach their engagement goals effectively.

Sandra Garcia

Sandra Garcia is the President of Conscious Public Relations Inc., which helps game-changing companies and large events in Vancouver get eye-popping publicity and social media audiences through the right media channels. Conscious PR Inc.’s mission is to change what we see in the media and online by communicating client stories clearly and consciously. Sandra offers free one-hour consultations via phone, Skype, or in person.

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