Make Your Business “Age- Friendly”

Have you ever considered the impression your business gives to people who are not ‘29’ anymore?

“Older adults tend to be loyal customers. If your business is age-friendly, you can attract and keep customers within a large and expanding demographic.” Age-Friendly British Columbia.

When I had my stores, I had a large number of customers who were well into their 50’s and they taught me a great deal about what they wanted in a comfortable shopping experience.

Clothing Tags. I used to put large hang tags on my garments, and hand-write the size and price on each one. Later when I purchased a POS system and started printing tickets I noticed that I had many customers choosing their wrong size or asking me prices. I realized that many customers wore reading glasses and the type on the tags was just too small for them to read.

Music. My store had speakers directly above the change rooms. Even though I thought the volume of music was fine, I had a number of customers who could not hear me properly while they were changing.

Firm Chairs. In my store I sold a lot of pants. The chairs in my change room were more decorative than practical. After noticing that some customers had trouble getting in and out of my chairs, I replaced them with a firmer, higher chair, and had much happier customers.

“Being a business that accommodates older customers is increasingly becoming a necessity.” Age-friendly British Columbia

Older customers want to shop at your business. A few small changes to make their shopping experience comfortable will result in loyal customers who recommend your business to others.

Cathy Burrell

Cathy Burrell is the owner of Cavern Retail Consulting in White Rock BC. She is a Retail Consultant and Social Media Coach. She works with busy business owners who like most people, know very little about Social Media but are curious how they can use it to grow their business. Follow her on Twitter @CathyCavern

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