Manage your Priorities and Your Time Will Work for You

The key to being organized is the ability to prioritize and structure timelines to accomplish tasks. A simple approach to organizing your business is to separate long and short term objectives as strategies and tactics. Achieving your vision through different business strategies is your long term goal. Tactics are established for your short term goals; they are the action steps that will lead you to your ultimate goal.

Life will be much less stressful when you prioritize your time to be more effective and efficient for you. Below are a few tips to manage your priorities well:


  • Develop a plan with clear goals, a sense of direction and a vision.
  • Think and plan in advance…it is a good strategy to practice before starting any new assignment
  • Create a plan that provides the opportunity to review SMART Results: Specific, Measurable, Realistic and Achievable


  • Organize your goals so that you can create strategies to achieve your desired results.
  • Identify 20% of your key factors to accomplish first. It will help you manage your business more efficiently.
  • Maximize your time by categorizing each task level of importance i.e., A,B or C, with A being highest priority and providing the most benefit


  • Schedule a timeline for each project. For example, create time blocks to focus your energy on a specific project for 2 hours.
  • Scheduling a timeline will help you focus energy on your projects. It is a logical way to achieve maximum performance in a given time frame.
  • Break up the big tasks into smaller sections. Smaller tasks remove the feeling of being overwhelmed and can be completed in shorter, manageable time slots.

If you prioritize regularly, you can accomplish even the most difficult tasks on time.

Elizabeth Densmore

Elizabeth Densmore is the owner of Office 2 Office Business Solutions in West Kelowna, BC. Office 2 Office Business Solutions offers a range of office efficiencies for your small business to operate at top capacity by introducing the tools, training and strategies to become more effective and productive. Elizabeth provides the guidance to streamline systems that accelerate, organize and simplify everyday processes.

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