Manpreet Dhillon, Ambassador

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Manpreet Dhillon is an Ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC), a non-profit organization devoted to helping BC women start, lead and grow their own businesses. She is the Founder and CEO of Veza, an organization that creates safe spaces and builds a deeper sense of belonging within organizations and communities through the lens of diversity and inclusion in a global market.

Manpreet has a deep passion for creating spaces for equal opportunities for women of culturally diverse backgrounds. Her vision of the world is a place of unity and connection where individuals understand their similarities while celebrating their differences. 

Manpreet has over 15 years of diversity and inclusion consulting, leadership coaching, human resources and community development expertise. Through Veza, she has worked with notable organizations globally, including: the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (a UN affiliate), UN Women, City of Vancouver, University of British Columbia, 7-Eleven, Terramera, as well as a host of tech and biotech companies and non-profit organizations.

Manpreet has designed and led workshops and training – both in-person and online – in the areas of diversity and inclusion, women in leadership, human resources and coaching. Further, Manpreet has held positions on the British Columbia Institute of Technology Alumni Association Board of Directors, the Royal Roads University Board of Governors, and has served on various arts and health boards.

Manpreet is a contributing author to Forbes, has had two features published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and is a contributing author to the best-selling Amazon book—365 Days to the Soul. Manpreet holds a Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and resides in Vancouver. 

Manpreet Dhillon, WEC Entrepreneur-in-Residence