Marketing to Baby Boomers

“Over 650,000 British Columbians are 65 or older, and the post-war baby boomer generation began to turn 65 in 2011. This vibrant group not only has a lot of purchasing power but also has the time to shop.” Age-friendly British Columbia.

65 is the new 45
I live in White Rock. At 48, I am considered a ‘youngster’. The Baby Boomers I see every day at the mall, walking the promenade, and having meals at the beach don’t look anything like my parents generation.

Shopping…Every day
Many businesses have baby boomers as regular customers. Despite the fact that many older people are healthy and vibrant, changes in eye sight and conditions such as arthritis can affect how baby boomers react to your marketing message.

If you use direct mail:

1. Switching to a slightly larger envelope with an easy open tab is a sure way to get your envelope opened first!

2. Keeping your message easy to read with a simple, non-stylish font that includes a headline font of at least 14 points and a body copy font of at least 10 points, will allow most baby boomers to read your message without searching for their glasses!

3. Using a clean graphic image will provide a clear picture of what your offer is, creating an easy to remember image that keeps your message top of mind.

If baby boomers are your current customers, you want to be sure that they are your future customers. Take care of them. They will reward you for many years to come.

Cathy Burrell

Cathy Burrell is a Client Service Coordinator for Women’s Enterprise Centre and an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience owning and operating a variety of businesses. She has a Master of Education degree from the University of Calgary, specializing in adult, community and higher education. Cathy believes COVID-19 highlighted the importance of clear communication, both online and offline. She currently helps clients develop their social, listening and critical thinking skills. Cathy works with busy business owners teaching digital literacy and communication education to give them insight into their digital customer base. Follow her on Twitter @CathyCavern

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