Master These 5 Strategies for Planned Business Growth

A business is an entity that needs to be created, built and led in order for it to be successful over the long term. Get on the road to planned business growth by mastering these five strategies.

Learn to think like a salesperson
Develop your sales muscle and learn to think like a salesperson. The function of selling is to identify people’s unique needs and help them achieve their desires. You are the provider of the solution they are seeking; your role is to facilitate the buying process.

Be curious about your customer
In order to facilitate the buying process, you must understand your customer. Speak in a language that resonates with your target audience from a place of knowing what they emotionally connect with, and provide a genuine solution to their problems and challenges. Know their pain points and understand how your offering will remove their pain, make their life easier, or save them time or money.

Understand the importance of business development
Business development refers to all activities that grow a business sustainably, as measured by both cash flow and bottom-line. Companies have a responsibility to develop their business if they hope for it to have value. Most entrepreneurs believe that if they get good at the skills they are selling, they will inevitably become successful. This is rarely the case. You must be good at what you sell and good at selling what you do.

Implement systems and processes
Develop and document your business process and set up systems so that you can generate predictable, consistent and replicable results without having to reinvent the wheel every time. Implementing a system will help you become more efficient with your time and activities, while exponentially increasing your outputs: sales and customer fulfillment.

Fail fast, learn quickly
Evaluate your business development efforts on a consistent basis to determine what’s working and what isn’t, and learn why. Don’t adopt the “all or nothing” mindset that just because one particular tactic doesn’t work, it is an inherently poor tactic. It may have been poorly implemented.

Michela Quilici

Michela Quilici is a marketing strategist + business advisor with Q. Consulting and a Ghost CEO™ business development coach. Her proven and powerful process provides women entrepreneurs with focus, systems, accountability and business development tools to turn their expertise into a profitable and sustainable 6-figure business. Michela is on a mission to reconnect women entrepreneurs with their brilliance, and support them to authentically market and grow their business from the inside out; helping service professionals get the clarity they need to catapult their business forward, and confidently create a business they love. She is also a contributing author in the bestselling book series Adventures in Manifesting: Conscious Business; an anthology of stories to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

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