Mentoring-A Personal Journey

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share with others the impact that mentorship had on me, personally, and in my business to date. After a full year of business, I decided it was time to find a mentor who could help assist me in areas that I’ve found challenging and difficult. I contacted Women’s enterprise Centre for one to one mentoring. I was fortunate to be paired with a likeminded business professional with considerable business experience.

It wasn’t long before I felt as though she also played a ‘mother’ role as she was so sincere and sensitive, thus further allowing me to build trust with her. I have gained an amazing amount of support and increased confidence after I began working with my mentor.

One sometimes feels overwhelmed when trying to handle all aspects of a project especially when there are many “hats to wear”.  In my case, I had started feeling the stress and had started to feel very overwhelmed. However, my mentor shared her own life experiences, was able to fully relate to my entrepreneurial situation and was able to provide feedback that I was able to apply immediately. More importantly, it is her that I’ve turned to when I feel moments of panic and stress. She always reminds me, “Tie a knot and hang on”. These are such simple words, yet each time I hear them, it brings me comfort. Rather than give in and give up, I know I have more in me and I can go further. It’s my mentor that reminds me of this.

I want to succeed professionally and I want to grow personally. With my mentor’s help I know I will move ahead as the tools she’s provided have been vital to setting a solid foundation.

When looking for a mentor, experience is an important factor. However, connecting with the mentor on a personal basis is very important. Building trust is vital to the success of any relationship. A mentor should enable the mentee to learn to manage risk, to receive feedback, to open doors and to develop capabilities and skills within a framework of support


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