Messy Work Desk? 5 Easy Tips to Declutter

As your work day begins, thoughts of productivity swirl with tasks to complete, projects to explore and people to contact.

All good intentions until your eyes gaze down upon distractions with clutter brimming all over your desk. A mishmash of pens, highlighters, staplers, hole punches, receipts, papers, magazines, files and notes scribbled on an assortment of stationery strewn in piles. As well the perimeter of your desk is compromised by the invasion of toys, sewing materials, clothing, an octopus of cables, dusty antiquated electronics, recipe books and an endless supply of photos accompanied with empty photo albums. Not exactly the most desirable place of productivity.

A cluttered desk minimizes what can be accomplished. Your time is eaten up moving items to create a space to get anything done. There is too much stimulation and distractions for your brain to concentrate effectively.

To combat the clutter, extreme measures need to be taken to bring back order. Your desk is your business headquarters. It is essential to respect your desk space and never be used as a dumping ground.

5 tips to a productive desk

1. Remove excess not business related and only allow items on your desk that are used regularly.
2. Allow only documents and folders you are presently working on
3. Take action for every incoming item to deal with it, file it, recycle it or trash it.
4. Create a storage closet or shelving space for extra materials.
5. At the end of your work day clear your desk to prepare space for the next day.

The last tip is crucial to manage your clutter-free desk. Remember you can only work on one task at a time. Develop a plan of action before starting any project to have a clear vision to focus and complete your tasks.

Elizabeth Densmore

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