2015 Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard

Report by Dell & ACG Inc., 2015

The Scorecard ranks and rates opportunities and challenges facing women entrepreneurs across 31 countries. The factors analyzed by the Scorecard are (1) business environment – fostering of growth and scaling of businesses; (2) gendered access – women’s access to fundamental resources for business success; (3) leadership and rights including women’s legal rights, social visibility and professional freedom; (4) pipeline for entrepreneurship; and (5) presence of high impact female entrepreneurs.

Canada was ranked second on the Scorecard. The lowest ranking received was on “pipeline for entrepreneurship” – signalling a need to enhance the entrepreneurship ecosystem and start up skills for women.

The accompanying report provides a series of recommendations for government and private sector actors to level the playing field for female entrepreneurs. Government actions include: gendered public procurement policies; gendered data collection on women’s participation in government funded entrepreneurship programs. Private sector actors are encouraged to diversify their leadership and leverage their buying power in their supply chains – initiatives including WEConnect, 30% Club, and the Catalyst Accord are highlighted.