WE FOR SHE 2018 Call to Action

WE FOR SHE 2018 Call to ActionWomen’s Enterprise Centre is a proud Organizing Partner of the WE FOR SHE movement to grow the economic impact of women.

WE FOR SHE is pleased to present “Stepping it up for Gender Equality: 2018 Call to Action,” which reports on our collective progress toward gender equality so far, summarizes the input from the table discussions and polls at WE FOR SHE 2017, and outlines what you can do next.

It includes the 2018 WE FOR SHE BC Action Plan, which prioritizes five key strategies that can create the strongest impact in our province.

This document is a collaboration of BC youth, business owners, professionals, senior leaders and government that focuses on the strategies that will create change in BC.

Want to learn more about the 2017 WE FOR SHE Forum?

Download the 2017 WE FOR SHE Event Summary

Once you’re ready to take action, visit the WE FOR SHE website for ideas and resources: weforshe.ca/TakeAction