Webinar Recording: Are You Ready to Export? Your Top Questions Answered

This is the recording of a webinar hosted by Women’s Enterprise Centre in May 2019. To view free upcoming sessions visit wec.ca/MAF

As a small business owner, you might think that exporting is only for big business – but, in fact, small businesses in BC exported around $18 billion worth of goods in 2016.

Going global is a smart business growth strategy, and you don’t need a fleet of shipping containers to do it. Even if you provide services, you can become an exporter!

In this recording, our panelists de-mystify exporting and answer key questions:

  • How do I become export-ready? What do I need to consider?
  • What is the Trade Commissioner Service and how can it help me export?
  • How can Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) create opportunities?
  • How can I successfully export services?
  • What major support programs are available to women exporters?

Facilitator: Alpana Sharma, Business Advisor, Women’s Enterprise Centre