Webinar Recording: How to Apply for Pre-Qualification on the ProServices Supply Arrangement

This is the recording of a webinar hosted by Women’s Enterprise Centre in November 2018. To view free upcoming sessions visit wec.ca/MAF

If you want to supply professional services to the government of Canada, you must go through the ProServices method of supply. It has 13 streams covering 158 categories including IT, HR, consulting, project management, maintenance, engineering and more!

Women’s Enterprise Centre partnered with the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises to clarify the terms you need to know and focus on actionable steps you can take to start bidding on contracts.

This webinar, which is a follow-up to Sell Your Professional Services to the Government of Canada, will focus specifically on ProServices to help you understand:

  • How to get your business on the ProServices Supply Arrangement
  • How the government of Canada uses ProServices to connect with service providers; and
  • The schedule for bid evaluation and award.

Facilitator: Alpana Sharma, Business Advisor, Women’s Enterprise Centre

Panelist: John Johnstone, Project Officer, Pacific Region, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises