Webinar Recording: Using Mediation to Solve Business Challenges

This is the recording of a webinar hosted by Women’s Enterprise Centre in June 2019. To view free upcoming sessions visit wec.ca/MAF

As business owners, we sometimes find ourselves:

  • In challenging situations with other businesses or customers;
  • In conflict with employees or partners; or
  • Needing to have “difficult” conversations with others.

There are times when you should hire a lawyer, but other times solving the problem with mediation can be equally as effective, less expensive and quicker.

This recording features Ashley Syer, Lawyer and Mediator at Syer Law, in a discussion about mediation and how it can be used to resolve some business conflicts.

We discuss:

  • The difference between a mediator and a lawyer
  • The types of situations that are best suited to mediation
  • The benefits of mediation
  • How to find a qualified mediator

Facilitator: Cheryl Farmer, Business Advisor, Women’s Enterprise Centre

Panelist: Ashley Syer, Lawyer and Mediator, Syer Law