Webinar Recording:Hiring the Right People for Your Business

This is the recording of a teleconference hosted by Women’s Enterprise Centre in July 2018. To view free upcoming sessions visit wec.ca/MAF

Hiring new talent is a big part of being a business leader – and doing it right is critical to your business growth and success.

In this Mentor Advisory Forum you’ll learn tips and techniques to help you find, attract and retain a winning team so you can free yourself up to work on the business and not in it.

Join facilitator Dawn McCooey, author of the bestselling book “Keeping Good Employees on Board: Employee Retention Strategies to Navigate Any Economic Storm” for a lively forum about how you can recruit the best employees in this challenging labour market.

You’ll hear some stories from the trenches and gain expert advice that will help guide you on your next recruiting adventure.

Facilitator: Dawn McCooey, MA CMC Business Advisor, Women’s Enterprise Centre

Panelist: Cori Maedel, CEO, Jouta Performance Group